KZ750L3 Guages

In 1983 the government was still under the impression that if a motorcycle speedometer only went to 85 mph, no one would try to go any faster. Seems that kind of logic is still around today. My L3 came with the 85 mph speedo, and I always wished for a "normal" speed. About 6 months after I got the bike, I had destroyed the gauges. Now the only thing I was wishing for was a working gauge set. I didn't have much in the way of income, so I suffered with the broken gauges till 1994. I acquired aset of 82 GPz gauges that were almost in as bad shape as my L3 gauges. With help from Mick Fesko, I finally had a working speedometer again, 11 years later.

Ebay has helped tremendously with finding parts, so I acquired a nice set of 82 Guages and almost have the warner unit (lcd) working with all sensors. Still they weren't "my gauges". So imagine my suprise when I saw a set of 83 L3 gauges with a 160 MPH speedo! I won the auction and prompty received the wrong gauges, worse the gauges I won were up for auction again. A couple quick emails to the seller and everything was straightened out. Shortly thereafter I had the guages and I just finished mounting them on April 11, 2002. A little less than 19 years later. Here's a couple of shots of the gauges. You'll see the fuel guage is actually working, something I haven't seen since november of 1983.

Fuel,Oil,Neutral work
Another shot of the gauges

Also these gauges didn't come off a 1983 Kz750L3, my guess is the 1983 Eddie Lawson Replica. I remember seeing one at AMA Vintage days at Mid-Ohio awhile ago. Can anyone comment on this? Any former 83 ElR owners out there? Send an email to